Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

A good entrepreneur is someone with a leadership profile and focused on innovation. He is a change agent, usually the first to take an initiative or start a business, who analyzes an old problem and manages to see and implement a new solution.

The term entrepreneur applies to both entrepreneurs and employees capable of finding solutions to improve the company in which they work. Professionals with an entrepreneurial profile are highly sought after by companies, as they have the power of initiative and proactivity to create creative and profitable solutions.

The role of the entrepreneur implies having a vision beyond, but to be a good entrepreneur it is not enough to have a good idea. The entrepreneur is the type of professional  focused on action  , that is, capable of putting his idea into practice.

Being a successful entrepreneur is not a matter of luck, but a combination of  creativity, planning, and persistence  . Proof of this is the existence of serial entrepreneurs, individuals who accumulate a large number of successful new business initiatives, often in different branches.

What is the profile of a good entrepreneur?

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must have the following characteristics:

  • Have a spirit of leadership.
  • Be action oriented
  • Have a future perspective and vision
  • Have the capacity for learning and self-criticism.
  • Be proactive in finding opportunities
  • Be persistent and flexible, don’t give up on difficulties.
  • Know how to take calculated risks
  • Have persuasive power
  • Invest in networks
  • It does not depend on others, but rather knowing how to work as a team.
  • Be committed and responsible
  • Be demanding and don’t compromise on quality
  • Be guided by objectives and know how to monitor them
  • Know how to delegate functions and identify talents
  • To be organized
  • Be confident and secure, but know how to listen to criticism and opinions
  • Don’t just look for position or social recognition
  • Have ambition, consciously or unconsciously.
  • Don’t be so naive as to think that the path to success is easy and guaranteed.

Tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur

See the first steps to be successful as an entrepreneur.

Do a market study

Find a new opportunity by identifying if there is a product or service that is not yet offered. The lack of supply is not, however, a guarantee that there will be a market. Study if there is demand, how big it is and if potential consumers are willing to pay for this innovative idea.

Empower yourself

Governments are interested in encouraging entrepreneurship, as it is a good engine of the economy. For this reason, there are many free courses available to anyone considering becoming an entrepreneur, including through the Internet.

Most of the new companies close in the first months of existence, and one of the causes indicated for this is precisely the lack of experience in the management of their owners. For this reason, if you have a good idea but are inexperienced, don’t venture into a new business without studying management hard.

Listen to advice

Don’t keep your idea for fear that someone will steal it. Instead, talk to seasoned entrepreneurs, listen to their advice, heed their opinions, and learn about the difficulties they faced.

Beware of excessive ambition

Nobody gets rich overnight. If you are inexperienced, it is best to start with a small initiative and expand as you prosper. Any business generally takes months to start making a profit. Prepare for this and have the capital to tackle this initial phase.

Be flexible

No matter how good your idea may be, no matter how prepared you are, as you put the plan into practice you may encounter unforeseen circumstances. Do not be ashamed to reformulate your project and adapt it to the reality that is in the market. If necessary, start over, learning from your mistakes.