What does Management mean?

Management is the  set of skills and actions involved in managing a company. The term in English can be translated as administration, administration or administration, depending on its application.

Management tasks include coordinating and managing the company in pursuit of its objectives. Organizing, planning, setting goals, and monitoring all stages of the job are part of the job.

The administration intends to operate with innovation through administration tools such as PDCA Cycle, GUT Matrix, 5W2H, SWOT Analysis, among others. Marketing is also a management solution that will be built into the operation and, like all other areas, will be closely monitored.

The manager is responsible for the management work, a position translated in Brazil for a manager. The manager of a company is the one who makes the decisions. Their functions can be divided according to the professional’s area of ​​expertise and specialization, and they often represent different departments within an organization.

The most common management areas are the following, followed by their translations in Brazil:

  • Business Management – Business Management
  • Account Management – Account Management
  • Supply Chain Management – Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management – Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management – Customer Relationship Management