Responsibility matrix (RACI matrix)

The Responsibility Matrix, also known as the RACI Matrix, is  a people management tool that distributes tasks among employees in managing a project,  facilitating communication within the company and optimizing the use of human resources.

The matrix makes it possible to map and visualize in a simplified way those responsible for each stage of a project. It allows for a clearer division of tasks, making it easier to know who was responsible for doing what. It also prevents any task from being left without a manager.

The matrix also ensures that everyone who must accompany the project will be remembered, as it lists who should be consulted or reported on its progress. In addition, the way it allows you to visualize the distribution of tasks also helps to make the distribution of tasks more equitable.

How to set up a responsibility matrix?

This tool consists of creating a simple table, in which the names of the employees are placed at the top of the columns. The lines indicate all stages of the current project.

At the intersection of rows and columns, one or more letters corresponding to that person’s responsibility at that stage of the project are placed. There are four possible letters to fill the table, which together form the acronym RACI  :

What does the letter R stand for?

The letter R is the abbreviation  responsible  (  Responsible  , in English) and corresponds to the person who performs the activity.

What does the letter A mean?

The letter A signifies  authority  (  accountable ) and indicates the person who gave the service order. Authority is who will be charged for the smooth running of the process.

What does the letter C mean?

The CB is the  consultant  (  consulted  ), who is someone who must be consulted, who participates in the decisions or the execution of the activity. Consultants are all those who can, for example, give advice, suggest adjustments or give opinions to improve the final result.

What does the letter mean I want to say?

HI corresponds to  informed  (  Informed  ) and indicates that a particular person needs to be warned about something in relation to the activity, including the commencement or conclusion.

Tips for using the Responsibility Matrix

  • Separate the project into all its possible stages, to clarify the division of tasks.
  • Be careful not to forget the steps required to complete the project.
  • For each stage, at least one person in charge must be appointed.
  • All steps must also have an authority. There should not be more than one authority for each activity.

What is administrative responsibility?

In the corporate world, the concept of responsibility corresponds to the obligation of a subordinate to fulfill a duty passed by his superior in the hierarchy of the company and answer for his actions.

Responsibility is, therefore, in the opposite direction from that of authority. While authority is the command power that develops in the superior-subordinate sense, responsibility is a subordinate-superior relationship.

Responsibility cannot be delegated to employees lower in the hierarchy. What can be delegated are tasks. By distributing tasks to a subordinate, authority does not reduce their responsibility.