What is the CIO of a company?

The CIO, or  Chief Information Officer  , is responsible for a company’s information technology (IT).

The CIO title is awarded to the most experienced executive  responsible for information technology  and the operation of computer systems. This can be the CIO, CIO, or CIO, depending on the nomenclature used by the company.

The CIO bridges the gap between company management and the IT team. For this reason, in addition to IT training, the job holder must also have a  good understanding of strategy, leadership and management  .

The  Chief Information Officer  reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and, like them, usually forms the executive committee of the organization.

The company CIO should not be confused with the CTO (  Chief Technology Officer  ). While the CIO is more focused on IT systems for internal use in the company, the role of the CTO is more associated with the external customer.

What does a CIO do?

The CIO is responsible for managing IT resources, structures, and people. You need to ensure that projects are completed in a timely manner and within available budget.

This professional is responsible for making the company take full advantage of information technology to achieve its goals. You need to think about how information technology can play a strategic role in the business model.

The company’s CIO oversees the purchase and implementation of IT products, such as software and hardware, as well as all department-related services. This includes data processing and storage, technical maintenance, communication networks and the development of computer systems, which must be standardized to allow the integration of all company processes, from manufacturing to after-sales.

However, the more technical and operational jobs are typically delegated by the CIO to a trusted professional, so that the responsible industry executive can focus on more strategic, leadership, and planning activities.