Home Broker: What is it and how does it work?

What is Home Broker?

Home Broker  is a platform that is mainly used for buying and selling shares over the Internet.

Brokers offer the system to their clients who, in addition to stocks, can invest in other types of financial investments through it.

In addition to trading assets, the  home broker  is a platform that organizes listing prices. It also provides charts to help each investor make decisions.

The term  home broker  indicates that investments can be made anywhere, even at home, which means that the client himself is the one who controls his investment portfolio.

How does Home Broker work?

In Brazil, shares of publicly traded companies can be purchased on the São Paulo Stock Exchange, currently known as B3. To be in contact with the stock market and buy shares, there is the intermediation of brokers.

Previously, even without the existence of this platform,  brokers were present  on the stock exchange. They carried out purchases and sales on behalf of brokerage firms and clients.

With the system, the purchase or sale order was made immediate and was made by the investor himself.

Anyone wishing to buy shares must open an account with an authorized broker. The institution itself offers the broker online   and, in some versions, it may be free.

When opening the account, the money to be invested must be transferred to it. The investor can use the real estate broker system   to track the inflows and outflows of money.

On the platform, it is possible to find the prices of each share at the moment and the analysis of going up or deciding on those prices.

A good  home broker  should be rich in information, look good, and be practical when buying stocks.

How to buy and sell shares in Home Broker?

In the stock market, prices are determined by the supply of those who sell and the demand of those who want to buy.

Through the  real estate agent  , it is possible to issue a purchase order for the shares you want to buy, adding the price you want to pay for them. If any seller accepts the proposal, the shares will be bought and the broker will charge a brokerage fee.

In addition, each of the shares must be identified with their respective codes and quotes for purchase.

On the platform, there should also be a place to issue the sales order, so that you can sell the shares you own. The sales process is the same. Simply indicate what stock you want to sell and enter the price and quantity you want.

When a stock goes up for sale, buyers bid for the asset. If you think any offer is worthwhile, you can accept it on the system itself.