Ticks: Meaning

Ticks is an acronym for  Taiwan, India, China and South Korea  (  Korea  of the  South  ). It was first mentioned in January 2016 by the Financial Times, replacing the BRIC concept.

The Bric group, made up of Brazil, Russia, India and China, is no longer the focus of international investors, due to the successive crises faced by some of the member countries. The recession in Brazil and Russia (BRIC acronym B and R) makes a crisis in the commodity market visible, leading to an economy more focused on services, especially technology. In this context, Taiwan and South Korea (T and K for tricks) walk alongside India and China in terms of information technology and gain prominence in this new economic order.

Ticks appear as a new emerging group, from the point of view of international investment funds, replacing the BRIC. The group that included Brazil ended up, as an international investment fund, decreed by Goldman Sachs, the same financial consultancy that launched the name. After successive declines in assets, Goldman closed its BRIC fund in late 2015.

The term ticks is also an internal expression of the financial market that represents the minimum variation that the action undergoes in the price.