What are the tickets?

The input is any and all elements directly necessary in a production process. This group includes products used in manufacturing, machinery, energy, and used labor, for example.

In English, the tickets are called  tickets  , while the final product is  issued  . In other words, an input is everything that “goes into” a production process so that a final product “comes out.”

We can consider that inputs are the set of production factors that are directly combined to generate a good or service. That is, for a factor of production to be considered an input, it must have a direct participation in production.

Like factors of production, which are classically divided into three types, inputs can be related to land (as raw material), labor (as labor force), or capital (as machinery used).

As this definition indicates, raw materials are considered inputs. However, the meaning of the input is not the same as that of the raw material. The difference is that the input concept includes other elements that are also essential for production.

Difference between input and raw material

Raw materials are the materials that make up a product. They are integrated into this product, that is, they are part of it. For example, one of the main raw materials for the production of a glass tumbler is sand. It supplies silica, which is a fundamental element in the composition of glass.

However, the process of making a glass goblet does not use only the materials that enter its chemical composition. Heat is also needed to make casting, which comes from burning natural gas or another fuel, and water to wash finished parts, for example. There is also the boiler and the rest of the machinery used by the industry, in addition to the workforce of employees who operate these machines.

Although they are materials used to make glass, gas and water do not make up its composition. For this reason, they are not raw materials. Gas and water, as well as sand, machinery and labor, are industrial inputs.

But not everything that a company consumes is considered an input. Inputs are only items used directly in production. Office supplies spent running a factory, for example, are not tickets.

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What are agricultural inputs?

The concept of agricultural input gives the word input a more restricted meaning than in its general use. Agricultural inputs are the elements used to guarantee the nutrition, protection and development of plants or animals, increasing productivity.

Types of agricultural inputs.

Agricultural inputs can be divided into mechanical, biological or chemical.

Mechanical inputs are field work tools, tractors, irrigation systems, and all other equipment and machinery used in the field.

The elements used in production that have plant or animal origin are called biological inputs. Besides seeds, we can mention fertilizers as an example.

In the group of chemical inputs (sometimes called mineral inputs) are fertilizers and pesticides, for example. This category consists of products derived from rocks or manufactured in laboratories, such as those used to protect plants from pests or increase productivity.