Employment voucher

The employment relationship occurs when an individual provides services to an employer who hires him and pays him a salary.

This feature is present in art. Third of CLT (Consolidation of labor laws), which defines the employment relationship as:

“Any individual who provides services of a non-casual nature to an employer is considered an employee, under his / her dependence and for a salary.”

Therefore, this is the part of the law where the figure of employees in Brazil is characterized, that is, a worker who is subordinate to his job and an employee.

Characteristics of labor bonuses

To be characterized as an employee, it is necessary to take into account certain requirements, in addition to the fact that this bonus must meet other legal requirements, such as the payment of FGTS, the payment of the 13th salary, among others.

Below, we list the requirements for the employment relationship to actually exist.

No eventuality

It relates the continuity of the employment contract and the provision of the service with the usual, that is, with a work routine that the employee has in his function, any day of the week.


A worker is linked to an employer to carry out activities in accordance with the requirements of place, form, manner and time defined by the employer.


It is about wages since there is an exchange between the two parties: the worker with his workforce and the employer with the remuneration.


Labor legislation refers to people who work, unlike the formation of commercial companies, for example, where the figure of the legal person is formed.