Know How in a company

What is  Know-how ?

Know-how  is a term in English that means  “know-how”  , widely used in business for its applied techniques or methods.

The monitoring of a project is in the production of a product, for example, and the  know-how  is what allows its continuation, with the knowledge of the technologies and processes that are necessary.

In addition, the development of new projects can often be based on knowledge of past projects, that is,  knowing how they  came together over time.

Differences between  Know How  and  Know Why

In addition to the concept that explains the knowledge of knowing how to do processes, and the use of a technology, for example, there is also  Know Why  , which means ”  knowing why  “.

The idea of ​​this term is associated with understanding the reasons that lead to the creation of a product or service, and how useful it can be for consumers, in addition to other activities of the company.

While  Know-how is  applied as the ability to do something,  Know-why  refers to the way in which utility and intention are thought of in each activity.

They both  know how  and  why they  are expressions that are used in the business environment that  express the identity that each organization has  .

These characteristics can be more striking and inflexible in some companies, as is the case with the techniques of a product that can only be done by hand, for example. On the other hand, there are those in which it is necessary to share  knowledge  of their processes among various locations, as is the case with franchised companies.