Training and development

People Training and Development (T&D) is an organizational activity in companies developed from Human Resources managers, with the aim of creating or improving the skills of employees.

This approach is essential and is used as strategic planning for any area of ​​an organization, with employees from all functions.

T&D can be applied to workers through meetings, courses or presentations, to improve the knowledge necessary for each function and stimulate the growth of all members of the company.

Differences between training and development

Staff training is the process that enables employees to learn, including preparing for their tasks, planning for changes, as well as reinforcing or updating, such as adapting to new technologies.

The development is more extensive and is related to the concern to continuously improve the teachings, previously applied by the training, as well as the improvement of the skills of each employee, including the growth of each one in their functions.

Therefore, while the training aims to qualify and offer knowledge, the development is directed to the individual employee, as a form of continuous improvement.

People trainings

The training offers employees a broader scope to know and apply their techniques, in the work routine, possible for any position, be it salespeople, workers, managers or others.

Staff training is possible through different modalities, such as conferences, internships, congresses or seminars, and it is essential to carry out different methodologies for each type of group of employees and appropriate to the needs of the company.

Behavioral training is a common type, as many employees are hired for skills they have, such as educational backgrounds, but still have no knowledge of communication, teamwork, leadership, or interpersonal relationships.

Developing people

The concern for the development of people and teams becomes a differential for the company, both to develop the training offered and to reinforce the internal and external qualities of the organization.

Developing the personal skills of employees is an action that must be extended in the long term, after staff training. However, it is essential for the future development of leaders and professionals involved in the company’s processes.

The training and development of people are activities that are increasingly part of the strategies of companies, mainly due to the competitiveness present in the market in which the organization is inserted.

The efficient management of people has to do with the balance between people and the company’s processes, which when applied properly, reflect the offer of its products or services offered and a greater advantage over other competitors.