What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process that aims to develop, support and allow the client to reach their potential in a sustainable way. It is a form of personal monitoring by a professional that helps to identify and achieve goals, solve problems and develop skills in different areas of life, as well as in the career.

In Coaching, a professional helps his client to draw and execute an action plan. This presupposes having a clearer vision of your objective, increasing your self-confidence and learning to put into practice your potential to reach the established goal.

The professional who carries out the Coaching process is called a Coach. The client can be treated by a Coachee.

One of the main functions of Coaching is to promote self-knowledge. In the Coaching process, it is assumed that the Client already has the answers to her questions, she only needs help to be more aware of her abilities, strengths, aspects to develop and the way forward. This assistance is carried out through questions asked by the coach.

The offer of this type of service is experiencing a great expansion in Latin America and throughout the world, which increases the need to investigate the qualifications of those who exercise the role of Coach long before hiring this type of accompaniment.

How does coaching work?

The coaching work adopts techniques, tools and knowledge from different areas, such as administration, psychology, neuroscience, personal finance and human resources, among others.

The process is carried out through sessions, at intervals previously agreed between the coach and the client, which can be weekly, biweekly or monthly. Each session lasts, on average, between one or two hours and does not necessarily have to be in person. Some professionals offer Skype tracking, for example.

At the end of each session, tasks are established that the client must carry out until the next meeting, when the fulfillment of these objectives will be evaluated and new ones will be defined.

The sessions can be individual or group (in the case of a work team with an objective, for example).

Coaching is preferably a short-term process. Professionals working in this area tend to promise lasting positive changes to their clients in a short period of time.

Unlike a therapy, Coaching works with action plans for specific objectives, which are indicated in cases such as:

  • The person has a dream, but has never been able to fulfill it.
  • An employee has a difficult relationship with his boss or coworker.
  • The professional feels that his productivity is low and does not know how to improve his performance.
  • There are difficulties in reconciling professional and personal life.
  • An employee has been promoted and needs to improve his skills for the leadership role.

Types of coaching

There are specialized coaches in the most diverse areas. In the personal field, some examples are family coaching, life coaching and personal finance coaching, among others. Here are a few examples:

Business coaching

It is mainly used by businessmen and businessmen seeking to achieve business goals. The process helps accelerate the achievement of company goals, improving leadership and business management.

Executive Coaching

It is aimed at professionals who hold high positions in the hierarchy of companies, such as managers and directors. In addition to developing in these professionals skills that benefit the corporation, this type of monitoring also increases job satisfaction in the exercise of the function.

Increasing leadership skills and emotional intelligence are some of the goals that are generally worked on, so that they can get the best out of their teams and face stressful situations.

Career coaching

It is indicated for those who need to establish long-term professional goals or achieve goals such as obtaining a promotion. It also applies to those who want to find a better balance between personal and professional life, learning to better manage their schedules. In addition, it serves professionals who are not satisfied with their work or who intend to change areas.

Financial Coaching

Helps organize personal or company finances. This type of monitoring helps people who cannot save money to reach a consumption goal or who are in debt and want to balance their finances.