What is organizational behavior?

Organizational behavior is the study that investigates the impacts and influences that the behavior of the members of an organization has on efficiency and productivity, with the aim of improving them.

For this analysis, it is necessary to know the values ​​and principles of an organization, such as environmental aspects, applied processes, but mainly, the characteristics of people due to their behavior, attitudes or customs.

Organizational behavior in companies.

Organizational behavior is a field of study with reference to different areas, which seeks to predict, understand and explain human behavior in organizations. The company is one of these leading organizations.

In carrying out this analysis, the observation focuses on the behavior of people individually and as members of groups, but also in separate groups, since they behave differently from individuals.

In this scenario, it is possible to divide the observation made into different levels.

Micro-organizational behavior

Developed by analysis from psychology, for individual behavior. It involves variables like:

  • Personality
  • Motivation
  • Attitudes
  • Work satisfaction
  • Individual skills and knowledge.

Mesoorganizational behavior

Developed by analysis based on communication, social psychology and interactionist psychology, for the behavior of people with their groups. It involves variables like:

  • Leadership
  • Socialization
  • Group dynamic

Macroorganizational behavior

Analyzes in broader aspects, essential characteristics adopted by the company, which are exercised in groups. It involves variables like:

  • Organizational structure
  • Work environment
  • Standards applied

With these variables divided into different proportions, it is possible to identify how an individual influences the group, or vice versa. For example, how employees respect the rules applied in the company or how motivation can reach productivity levels.

In addition to these highlights, it is possible to analyze other characteristics that are also related to professional behaviors.