Find out what Maslow’s pyramid is and its application in marketing

The  Hierarchy of needs  Maslow Pyramid Maslow or is a theory that relates the search for the satisfaction of human needs classified manner.

The theory, developed by the American psychologist Abraham Harold Maslow, is also used in areas such as commercial marketing to understand the psychological factors of consumer decision.

The hierarchy is represented according to the search for the satisfaction of needs, from the most urgent to the least urgent. Or even, taking into account the elements that satisfy the basic needs of those of personal fulfillment.

Maslow’s pyramid structure

Maslow considered that the search for the satisfaction of needs follows a hierarchical level, with individuals beginning to satisfy other less basic needs only when the most basic ones have already been satisfied.

The structure of the pyramid is formed from the bottom, where physiological needs are met, to the top, where the individual seeks self-realization.

  1. Physiological  : more basic human needs, such as hunger, breathing, or sex;
  2. Safety  : need to feel safe, through the home, safety at work or with health;
  3. Relationships (social)  : need to feel part of a social group and obtain affection;
  4. Esteem  : need to recognize one’s abilities and also to be recognized;
  5. Personal fulfillment  : the need to achieve self-realization and be able to do what you like.

The order of the factors through the pyramid also reveals which factors are easier to obtain a positive result. This is the case of the base, in which the physiological needs are more easily met.

In some versions, especially for marketing, new stages in the hierarchy can be considered. These would include the realization of cognitive needs, in the search for knowledge, and aesthetic needs and beauty care, related to self-esteem.

Maslow’s pyramid in marketing

The concept that governs Maslow’s pyramid is used to understand the psychological factors that drive consumers to buy. With this, the hierarchy of needs can identify the motivations for the purchase of a product or service, which can be identified by the company.

To offer a product that is well accepted by consumers, it is generally necessary that it can comply with different factors in the hierarchy, presenting the greatest possible utility.

By understanding Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, business managers can segment and write to their customers by tailoring their marketing strategies.